Is TDP planning for alliance with Congress in AP, TS?

Having severed ties with the BJP, the TDP in the Telugu States is looking for a potential ally for the next round of elections. According to the indications visible as of now and according to the rumours doing round in the two Telugu States, the TDP is seriously looking at forging an alliance with the Congress in the two States. The Left is not ready to sail with the TDP either in Telangana or in Andhra Pradesh for Naidu did not allow them to come any closer in the last four years.

Though the TDP was formed by late N T Rama Rao on Telugu pride, Telugu self-respect and on anti-Congress mode, the three-and-a-half decade old regional party, has to go with the grand old party, as there would be no permanent friends or foes in politics. TDP, the party which had come into existence with anti-Congress slogan is now finding an ally in it after losing every ally over the years.

The TDP is a non-existent political outfit in Telangana with the TRS going hard on it and aimed to destroy it in the years to come. Naidu is not ready to lose his party base here and had to take on the mighty TRS with its cadre looking for the existence of the TDP. The party cadre and leaders located in Hyderabad badly want their party to survive the TRS onslaught. On its own, the TDP cannot win even a single seat in the next elections. It was proved in the GHMC elections. It needs a helping hand and it finds that hand in the Congress now, which is comparatively strong in Telangana challenging the TRS. In politics, enemy’s enemy is a friend and thus the Congress is seen as a friend for the TDP to face the threat from the TRS.

Back home in Andhra Pradesh, the TDP is in power now. It is aspiring to retain the power in the next elections. It is going to be a do or die for TDP as this defeat would lead to its disintegration, with BJP posing itself as best alternative to the dominant Kamma community in future. The TDP had lost all its allies in the State and it would mean that the anti-incumbency vote would play a spoilsport at the polls.

The Congress in AP is as weak as the TDP in Telangana. The Congress does not exist in the State in terms of electoral politics as it did not win even a single seat. There are no signs of the party winning the next election too. It needs a handholding to win at least a couple of seats. It is now the weakest enemy to the TDP in the State as is the TDP for Congress in Telangana. Moreover, the Congress at the national level had promised special category status (SCS) to the State. The TDP now sees that its fight on SCS is the only life line for the party. Naidu claims that he had compromised with the BJP for four years only in the larger interests of the State. Now, he has a reason to go with the Congress and that too in the larger interests of the State. He could tell his cadre and people that he had compromised and aligned with the Congress only in the larger interests of the State as the Congress had promised the SCS. This is a potential excuse that the TDP wants to place before the people to justify its alliance with the TDP.

As there are no signs of the Congress winning a single seat on its own, an alliance with the TDP would fetch it better and will at least win four to five Assembly seats in alliance. For the TDP, these four to five seats is nothing as it had been sacrificing them either for the Left parties or the BJP in every election. If returned to power, it can always severe ties with the Congress and be on its own as the party is known for such games.

It is for all these factors, the TDP is now seriously studying the new alliance with the Congress in the two States. The Congress too sees nothing wrong in forging an alliance with the TDP in the two States as it needs the numbers to exist in the Telugu States.

Subhash Vuyyuru
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