Is TDP planning for U turn once again?

The TDP had severed ties with the BJP and has been fighting for the State issues both in the parliament and outside. It had joined the Opposition parties in the State in agitating for the special category status and other issues. The no confidence motion notices are being served in Lok Sabha every day, though the Speaker refuses to take up the same as there is disorder in the House with TRS and AIADMK members holding protest.

A fortnight had gone after the TDP pulled out of the alliance. While there are no signs of the BJP grating special category status to the State, the TDP is struggling to find the way out to end the ruckus. The TDP MP and former Union Minister Y S Chowdary, who is close to the BJP, had come up with a proposal to meet Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and Home Minister Rajnath Singh to end the stalemate. Chowdary is having both political and business interests with the BJP leadership in the north. He is not happy with the TDP bidding adieu to the BJP as that would have negative impact on his political and business interests. It is for this reason he wanted the TDP to have talks with the Union Ministers and patch up again.

But, his move was thwarted by AP’s Finance Minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu who had blatantly said no to any talks with any BJP leader or Union Minister. The sulking finance minister, who was denied Rajya Sabha seat this time too, is not happy with the party MPs handling the affairs in the national capital. He smelled some fishy deal in the proposal to hold talks with the Union Ministers. He had advised the party leadership against holding any consultations with the BJP or Union Ministers as that would send wrong signals among the people. Chandrababu Naidu had to accept the advice of Yanamala and keep Y S Chowdary out of patch up mode.

But the damage is already done. The social media, mostly sympathising with the right wing forces, had called TDP is about take a U-Turn, which is very damaging for the party and his leadership image too. We have already talked about how difficult it would be for the TDP to face the BJP. It is not as easy for the TDP to face the BJP onslaught as it had been facing the YSR Congress. The damage by the BJP is more for TDP now, and it is set to be greater in the days to come.

Chandrababu Naidu is now planning for an exit from the present piquant situation. He has to end this impasse and cannot be continued anymore. If he continues the agitation, the BJJP would hit him back hard and would even destabilise his government. If he takes the exit route giving up the demands, the YSR Congress would take advantage of the situation. Thus he is caught between the devil and the deep sea now, a situation that he never found himself in his 40 years of political career.

Ram Tatavarthi
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