Jagan seeks bureaucrats support for his governance

Y S Jagan mohan Reddy

Chief Minister Y S Jaganmohan Reddy sought the support of the bureaucrats in fulfilling his promises and making administration in the State to be admired by others. After the day-long marathon session of the Collectors’ Conference, Jaganmohan Reddy attended a get-together organised by the AP IAS Officers’ Association on Monday evening.

Jaganmohan Reddy appeared very humble in their presence, unlike he appeared at the conference as chief minister, giving them his mind. He showered high respect for the expertise and experience of the bureaucrats in administration and wanted them to help him with their experience. “I am new to the administration. But you have a lot of experience. I have told you what I am planning for and I want you to give me your best, so that I can pass it on to the people. Let us make AP the best in administration,” the chief minister told the IAS officers.

He looked different person when he attended the get-together. He was not a chief minister here and looked like a student before the teachers. The gestures and the talk was completely different here from his speech in the morning at the Collectors’ Conference. “If any of my decisions are wrong, I have the company of Subrahmanyam (chief secretary L V Subrahmanyam) anna, Gautham (DGP Gautham Sawang) anna, Manmohan (special chief secretary Manmohan Singh) anna are there to help me. I just want to do good to the people. You are all highly educated and highly experienced. I want you all annalu (brothers) to stand by me,” he told the IAS officers.

The speech here was liked by many bureaucrats and their family members. He tried to convince them that he had come with a different vision. He tried to impress everyone in a more informal way, that he wants to make a mark in the State administration. He also told them to leave their mark in administration and wanted them to have their own image in the minds of the people by doing good to them.

It is now to be seen how these bureaucrats lend their helping hand and guide him do good for the people during his first five years.

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