Opposition’s worries over Amaravati

Continuing Amaravati as the state capital is the main demand of TDP ad Jana Sena Party. The farmers there also want the same. Do the main opposition parties have doubts on these farmers who have taken to streets.? Are TDP and Jana Sena worried that if they surrender to the inducements offered by the government, what will be their condition? The answer to these questions is yes if one goes by the remarks made by Pawan Kalyan and Chandrababu. The opposition leaders have come on streets for farmers but if they leave the movement, both the opposition parties will suffer huge political damage. The remarks by both the leaders show that they have these doubts.

Jana Sena leader, who visited the capital region, said one thing at every place. As long as you protest, I will stand by you but if you back out, I can’t do anything. Chandrababu also expressed same view. There is a demand from all sections that Jagan government ensure that injustice is not done to the farmes. There is no big opposition to three capital proposal in Andhra Pradesh but there is hardly any difference on the demand that the government should make sure that the farmers who had given lands for the capital do not suffer. That’s why the government has not taken a quick decision on three capitals and it went back so that after considering all aspects it can move forward. The government is considering steps to provide benefits to farmers before taking further action.

Experts are said to have made some suggestions to the government, including setting up a special SEZ, developing the area as agriculture zone and giving back lands to those who are demanding it after developing it. In this context, Jagan government after analyzing the issue from various angles plan to take steps to pacify the angry farmers, according to information received from the ruling party. Parties leading the movement are apprehensive as to what will happen to them if the farmers accept the government’s proposals and agree to end the protest.

In Telangana, KCR had checked RTC employees’ movement to shock the opposition. The opposition parties are currently debating as to what will happen if Jagan follows a similar strategy. If this happens it will eliminate anti-YSRCP sentiments among people created by Amaravati movement and foil the plans of the opposition parties. To avoid such a situation, uniting the farmers and continuing the united protest is a tough challenge before the opposition, say experts. With capital politics set to intensify in the coming days, suspense prevails on what will happen.

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