Raviprakash, a great rise and fall

Journalists are not popular however intelligent they are. It takes years for a journalist to be known among the people, that to a limited sections of intellectuals and some politicians. There were journalists who were so strong in their writing and highly intelligent, who are not known much. Reaching out to the masses through media was a ruled out possibility.

But, the entry of television media (electronic media) had given an undue chance to some journalists to become popular even among the masses. That was how journalist Ravi Prakash rose to fame in just a span of a year of launching TV9, Telugu news channel in 1990s. He became very popular, even more popular than the film stars, for his sensational news. He was at his best in twisting the news to draw the attention of the viewers.

The popularity had made him focus on income generation rather than professional integrity and intelligence. He had opened the TV9 channels in several languages across the country. He reached out to every state and is known to most of the people. Thus he became close to the political and business bigwigs, in a span of 10 years.

The fastest growth also results in fastest fall. This is what happened in the case of Ravi Prakash. He is out of his TV9 now with the new management taking over. He fought some battle to retain its ownership but could not succeed for various reasons. Now, the new management had slapped a case of financial fraud against him and his supporters. He was arrested and is now sent for remand.

There are many journalists in the Telugu States who became popular with the TV channels and have amassed wealth due to clandestine deals. Some of these journalists are richer than some politicians. Extortion is one approach that some of them have adopted to make money rather than report news. With this approach, the media in the two Telugu States is more political than the parties themselves.

It is to be seen how Ravi Prakash and other journalists save themselves from these cases.

Ravi Batchali
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