TDP wants Jagan to implement loan waiver to farmers

loan waiver to farmers

The Telugu Desam Party wanted the loan waiver scheme of the party to be implemented by the Jaganmohan Reddy government. The loan waiver was the election promise of the TDP in the 2014 elections and the party had implemented it in the third year of its victory. After series of discussion, the total loan waiver was reduced to Rs 1.50 lakh and would be paid in five instalments. All those farmers whose loans were just Rs 50,000 were waived off in the first instalment.

The others are waiting since then. The TDP government had paid three instalments so far and there are two more instalments to be paid. Though the TDP tried to clear the balance even before the elections, it did not work for the party as it had come out with a new programme of Annadaata Sukheebhava scheme though which it promised payment of Rs 10,000 to each farmers towards crop investment. The TDP government paid the first instalment of Rs 3,000 from this amount just before the elections and had promised to pay the balance after the elections.

However, the defeat in the 2019 elections had left no chance for the TDP to fulfil its promise. The last two instalments of the loan waiver is still pending and the three instalments of the Annadaata Sukheebhava. Now that these schemes are yet to be implemented, the TDP is insisting on the government to complete them. Chandrababu Naidu is mounting pressure on the government to implement the two schemes that the TDP had promised to the people.

But, the ruling YSR Congress is not ready for the implementation. The party leaders say that the two schemes were the election promises of the TDP and there was no need for the YSR Congress to implement them. “No party implements the election manifesto of other party,” is what the YSR Congress leaders say. But, the TDP leaders say that giving money to the farmers is not a political issue, but a government programme. “Loan waiver is the government programme. The new government should implement it and not dare to do injustice to the farmers,’ Chandrababu Naidu told a meeting of the party MLAs and MLCs. The TDP had decided to raise the issue in the Assembly sessions and use it as an issue for campaign against the YSR Congress.

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