The real reasons for JD’s resignation

Films brought recognition to power star Pawan Kalyan. He was introduced to all as the brother of megastar and after making the entry with this tagline, he made an image for himself. When his brother floated Praja Rajyam Party, he still had a long career left but he set aside a part of it to become the leader of youth wing of the party. Realising that PRP doesn’t suit for long-term politics, Chiranjeevi, who is known as a sensitive person, merged the party with Congress. He got suitable reward for the same and he enjoyed it.

His younger brother Pawan Kalyan has a different way of thinking. He could not have criticized the elder brother but he choose a new path by floating a new party with the name Jana Sena and began new politics with no contest and no candidates. Pawan Kalyan was successful in his very first attempt. Happy with this he thought of testing his own strength and hoping that the split of anti-incumbency votes will bring back TDP to power, he joined hands with few parties to contest the elections but suffered humiliating defeat. He is still unable to digest the fact that he lost from both the Assembly seats he contested. It is only after the boat capsized that he realized these days it is tough to run a party. Pawan Kalyan then decided to piggyback on BJP, which is the ruling party at the Centre.

Though alliance is not required at this time, Pawan agreed to have the alliance with BJP. BJP felt that since Pawan Kalyan is its old friend in AP, it should carry him along to strengthen itself in the state. The story was fine till this point. Subsequently, under the shade of Lotus, he saw permanent politics as an expenditure and not as income. Without bothering about whether the films are to his liking or not, he signed the movies whoever was waiting for him and made a re-entry into the film industry. There is nothing wrong in working in films. Even NTR acted in films while he was holding the post of the chief minister. If Pawan Kalyan works in few films in four-and-half years he can politically maintain his popularity among fans. However, former CBI JD Lakshmi Narayana did not like this. He questioned Pawan Kalyan why he is working in films when he had said that he will not do so. Alleging that Pawan is inconsistent in politics, Lakshmi Narayana resigned from the party and thus created a sensation. Pawan Kalyan, however, welcomed his decision and bid him goodbye with courtesy by writing him a letter.

People run after success, whether it is films or politics. JD too came to this conclusion. He had no number two position in the party. While taking the decisions, the party was not treating him with respect. Being a defeated leader, the party chief has no image among people. There is no guarantee to his seat in the next elections. JD had so many reasons but he decided to exit by citing some reason. Without referring to the real reasons, JD wrote in his resignation letter that he did not like Pawan Kalyan again acting in the films and wanted to know why he is working in films while being in full-time politics.

In fact, JD joined Jana Sena, hoping that Pawan Kalyan’s image and his charisma will help him win the election. JD acted with haste in reaching to conclusion as to how will there be stable politics in a party formed by a cine star. He has no long political experience. JD did not see all this before elections but now he is seeing all this with magnifying glasses. There is a debate going on that there were many reasons for his resignation. He entered Pawan Kalyan’s party only because of his cine glamour and there was no other reason for this. He JD joined TDP, he would have been proving right the allegations YSCRP made in the past. BJP was in no position to win the previous elections. There was no chance of joining YSRCP. As a result, he saw Pawan Kalyan as the only alternative. For already troubled Jana Sena, JD’s shock is not an ordinary one. Jana Sena was formed with Pawan Kalyan as its face and it does not really matter for the party who remains or who leaves. However, it is being said that morally Jana Sena will get further weakened.

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