Where is Pawan Kalyan?

At a time when Andhra Pradesh is being rocked by protests over special status, people are asking where is Pawan Kalyan who has been raising the issue for quite some time. Pawan was in Vijayawada till Ugadi but subsequently he was not seen. It appears that he is proving those right who say that he is a part-time politician. He is being criticised for disappearing after creating a buzz for few days  and targetting his rivals. Pawan’s critics say it has become his habit to deliver an emotional speech and later not stick to his word.

It was Pawan Kalyan who dared YSRCP chief Jagan Mohan Reddy to move no-confidence motion against Modi government.He had even stated that if Jagan moves the no-confidence motion he will come to Delhi to mobilise support for it. However, even 10 days after the no-confidence motion was moved, Pawan has done nothing. He did not even go to Delhi to make an attempt to mobilise support. Pawan knows that the ruling parties of Tamil Nadu and Telangana are creating ruckus in Parliament to stall the no-confidence motion.

Some people are recalling that Pawan had even stated that if necessary he will go to Tamil Nadu to seek support for no-confidence motion. He praises Telanagana Chief Minister KCR on every issue but he did not even met him to discuss the developments in the Parliament. People say if Pawan was sincere, he would have met KCR to request him to call off the protest in the Parliament. The protests were continuing in the Parliament for many days but Pawan did not even react. His own party cadre is unhappy that except giving interviews to the media, he is not doing anything on the ground.

Pawan Kalyan in his party’s plenary had even declared that if necessary he will go on fast unto death for the special status. He is not playing any role in the ongoing movement not to talk about whether he would really launch fast unto death. TDP is accusing him of supporting BJP. Since he is not coming out to take on the Centre over the issue, serious doubts are being expressed about his sincerity. His own party leaders are feeling uncomfortable that when so much is happening in Andhra Pradesh, he is keeping quiet.

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  1. Recently his film ,’Agnanavasi’. Proved his attitude to this article. His film failed utterly at Box Office and producers at Dolldrums.

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