What will happen to Chammak Chandra if Nagababu leaves

January 12, 2020

While leaving ‘Jabardast’ Nagababu also invited Hyper Aadi, Sudigali Sudheer, Chammak Chandra, RP and even anchor Anasuya to another channel. However, Aadi and Sudheer because of their agreement with Mallemala or due to their attachment […]


Nagababu may also leave ‘Adirindi’

January 10, 2020

After spreading laughter for seven years in ‘Jabardast’ Nagababu fired at Mallemala and left ‘Jabaradast’ to join ‘Adirindi’ rogramme on Zee channel. In ‘Adirindi’ Nagababu is the judge and he laughing over the skits of […]


Nagababu determined to beat ‘Jabardast’

December 21, 2019

‘Nagababu, who pulled out of ‘Jabardast’, is getting ready to beat this show. He has become judge for a new programme ‘Adirindi’ on Zee channel and he has decided to somehow topple ‘Jabardast’. From ‘Adirindi’ […]


Is Nagababu getting double remuneration

December 19, 2019

Nagababu, who quietly walked out of ‘Jabardast’ and is acting as judge for two shows on Zee Telugu, has come out with videos to show that he suffered loss due to ‘Jabardast’ and he also […]


Nagababu may return to ‘Jabardast’

December 10, 2019

It has been two weeks since Nagababu left ‘Jabardast’. The show is continuing with Roja as judge. Though Nagababu left ‘Jabardast’ his disciples do not appear sad. Aadi and Sudigali Sudhir, who used to praise […]

Pawan Kalyan Jana sena party
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No mega hero support to Jana Sena

March 24, 2019

Currently, Andhra Pradesh is gripped by the election fever. There TDP and YSRCP are locked in a neck and neck battle. Pawan Kalyan is also trying to make his presence felt. Media is dominated by […]


Will Naga Babu factor impact NTR biopic?

January 8, 2019

It appears mega hero Nagababu will not spare Balakrishna easily. He posted on social media things like who is Balakrishna I don’t know, blood and breed. Going by Nagababu’s negative comments on biopic, he appears […]

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If you say it’s alright but if I say it’s wrong ?

January 7, 2019

Nagababu’s series of comments on social media targeting Balakrishna have triggered hot debate in industry and fans. Balakrishna’s fans are criticizing Nagababu for deliberately mocking Balakrishna. There is news on social media that Mega fans […]