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Countdown for Vizag as capital begins

March 24, 2020

The countdown has begun for administrative capital in Visakhapatnam. With secretariat employees’ association showing the willingness, YSRCP government’s job has become easy. Jagan government announced huge subsidies and incentives for the employees which no other […]

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Vizag already a capital?

February 28, 2020

Who said Visakhapatnam is not the capital. It can be said that the administration started working from Visakhapatnam. Though protest by farmers are continuing for last two months to demand that Amaravati be retained as […]

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Boom time in Vizag-Vizianagaram

February 16, 2020

With the announcement that Visakhapatnam will be developed as the executive capital, the land prices have suddenly gone up in Vizianagaram district. Following the announcement, the number of those developing ventures and selling plots has […]

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Capital to shift on Ugadi

February 15, 2020

Visakhapatnam is dominating Jagan’s heart and mind. He is physically running the government from Amaravati but he is preoccupied with the thought of shifting to Visakhapatnam. It is learnt that Jagan is keen to shift […]

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Is Visakhapatnam a cursed city?

January 25, 2020

There are cursed places like cursed human beings. Despite having all advantages, they lack the attraction. That’s why they will always be distanced from governance. There is a debate going on that Visakhapatnam is also […]

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Generations to remember

January 22, 2020

Only few get an opportunity to make history because time is infinite but human life is limited. To get lasting recognition in any field is very difficult. When some important decisions are taken and generations […]

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All set for AP’s new capital

January 6, 2020

Are the symbols of AP capital being erased from Amaravati? The answer is yes. Looking at the reports given by two committees over Amaravati, it looks certain that Visakhapatnam will become the capital. Anybody with […]

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Why Jagan is in haste to hold polls?

December 27, 2019

How strong is YSRCP in Visakhapatnam will be known in two months. YSRCP government is said to have decided to hold elections to Greater Visakha Municipal Corporation in February. Till the other day there were […]

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Ganta batch throws weight behind Jagan

December 26, 2019

TDP leaders have to obey Chandrababu. After all he is their supremo. However, the party leaders are supporting what Jagan is doing. After giving a shock to the opposition parties in all three regions, Jagan […]

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Jagan sets ‘mahurtham’

December 26, 2019

Chief Minister Jagan is getting ready to shift base to Visakhapatnam. With the experts’ committee also submitting its report, he is packing the bags without any delay. It is being said that Jagan plans to […]

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