Actor Sivaji needs to answer two questions

Telugu film actor Sontineni Sivaji ‘broke’ a political conspiracy being hatched by the BJP, though he did not name the party. A member of the BJP for a short while, Sivaji had been raising his voice for the special category status. He had been working with Chalasani Srinivas and the Left parties on the issue floating an outfit called Vibhajana Hakkula Sadhana Samithi, which organised several meetings and a bus yatra across the 13 districts.

He ‘broke’ a big conspiracy theory of the BJP to capture the Southern States. The BJP had already won the North Eastern States recently and is in power in almost 20 out of 29 States in the country, slowly pushing the Congress out of power. Its target is to enter the South now and there is assembly election in Karnataka on which the BJP had set its eyes.

Any political party will do this conspiracy. The political party would try to strengthen itself and weaken the rival. This conspiracy is known to the people and it is nothing new that this actor had found out. We have seen the TRS weakening the TDP in Telangana and the TDP weakening the YSR Congress in Andhra Pradesh. The political parties have this conspiracy always and we don’t need Sivaji’s to tell the people, though he was very dramatic with all that screenplay applied while describing the conspiracy. Well, he doesn’t require to reveal the names who are part of this conspiracy.

But surely, he has to answer two things. He said that there would be an attack on the leader of a regional party though he did not name. But, the attack on a political leader or anyone for that matter is connected to human life and Sivaji should tell the police at least to prevent this attack. He further said that this attack would lead to violence in the State causing loss of life and property. This is what the State doesn’t want and he should tell the police about the conspiracy to prevent this to happen and save the lives and properties from destruction. He also said about a recce conducted twice in Hyderabad and Guntur. This comes under crime and he should reveal the names.

The other issue which he has to answer is that Pawan Kalyan, who is playing into the hands of the BJP, would launch his indefinite hunger strike and that would follow a social unrest in the State leading to clashes and violence. This is also a great threat to the State and he should be questioned to get the people behind it and see that the conspiracy is defused. This has to be in the larger interests of the State.

The violence in the State and the life threat to a politician are two important issues that have to be averted and he should cooperate with the police in facing the two challenges. Will the police take it up and prevent the two unwanted incidents to happen in the State? Will Sivaji cooperate with the police by giving the names of the conspirators of violence?

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