AP to form corporation for outsourcing employees

Y S Jagan

Chief Minister Y S Jaganmohan Reddy took yet another novel decision as part of his administrative reforms. This time, the decision is to end middlemen involvement in recruitment to various posts on contract and outsourcing basis.

There are at least 2 to 4 per cent of jobs in various government department which are filled on contract basis or outsourcing. There is not a single department which does not have the contract or outsourcing employee in the State or for that matter any other state. They are paid low wages, but have to work on par with the regular employees who draw salaries based on their pay scale.

While there is nothing much for these contract and outsourcing employees to gain, those who recruit them for the government, the agencies, have been gaining much in the process. Several such agencies have made huge money, particularly in the last five years. There are agencies standing between the employees and the government. There are agencies standing between the services and the government. These agencies make huge profits at the cost of the small employees.

Now, the government headed by Jaganmohan Reddy had decided to end this middlemen or agencies involvement in recruitment. The chief minister had decided to create a separate corporation to take care of the recruitment for the vacancies on contract and outsourcing system. The government corporation, mostly headed by a senior IAS officer, would do this recruitment doing away with the middlemen. This is a welcome move as the employees on contract and outsourcing would get the due benefit without these middlemen minting it.

However, these middlemen and these outsourcing agencies are not as small and simple to remove them from the government connection. Like the civil and engineering contractors, they are also equally strong. It is to be seen how this government would handle them and reform the recruitment system.

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