Babu blames BJP on Karnataka episode

Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu blamed the BJP for making an attempt to buy MLAs in Karnataka to form the government. Addressing a press conference, ahead of his Nava Nirmana Deeksha to be observed on June 2, Chandrababu Naidu accused the BJP of being power hungry. He said the party did not get the required number of MLAs to form the government in Karnataka. He alleged that the BJP had misused the Governor’s Office to get the first chance to form the government by Yeddyurappa, though there was no required strength. “The BJP secured 15 days’ time to prove majority and thought that they could buy the MLAs shamelessly,” he said and justified that the unity of the Opposition parties have prevented the BJP from purchasing MLAs.

Chandrababu Naidu is best in talking about moral and ethical values in politics and public life, though he too had the dubious record of taking 23 MLAs from the Opposition YSR Congress though he did not require their support. He had even made four of those MLAs as Ministers and another as Waqf Board chairman.

Chandrababu Naidu was hard in hitting the BJP leaders for neglecting Andhra Pradesh and denying the benefits. He spoke about the non-cooperation from the Central government and indifferent attitude of the BJP leaders towards development of the State, in the last four years. Naidu blamed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for going back on his election promises, particularly on the help to Andhra Pradesh.

The TDP chief is confident of defeating the BJP in the next elections. Interestingly, his intention is not to defeat the BJP, but to defeat Narendra Modi. He targets Modi more than the party. The Karnataka’s unity is expected to be displayed with Chandrababu Naidu taking lead at the national level. However, he had not decided or made up his mind to start the mission to defeat Modi by uniting the Opposition.

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