“Chandrababu is hiding the truth”

Former MP Undavalli Arun Kumar has said that Chandrababu is not telling the truth to the people.  Addressing the media, he said for four  years he played with people but he is now calling it a struggle. Undavalli claimed that Chandrababu is  number one in the country in saleout. He said Chandrababu should go to Delhi and fight. Undavalli demanded that  AP government should fight legal battle against the Centre.He said Chandrababu is not fighting for the state’s interests but is trying to use every issue for his benefit in coming elections.

Undavalli believes that Chandrababu is not bothered about the state’s interests but is only concerned about his own interests. He said Chandrababu should know that he came to power in the last elections due to alliance with the BJP and the campaign by Pawan Kalyan. He said Chandrababu should keep politics aside to fight for the state. He said if the state benefits the credit will go to Chandrababu. He said if Chandrababu feels that injustice was done to Andhra Pradesh for four years why did he kept silent then. Both TDP and YSR Congress are afraid of cases and targetting each other but both are not thinking about how to achieve the assurances made at the time of state’s bifurcation.

He alleged that TDP is exaggerating the remarks of Vijay Sai Reddy.. He said he heard Vijay Sai Reddy’s comments on television buy he did not find that Vijay Sai Reddy spoke bad about Chandrababu’s parents. He said when Jagan came to his house it was said that he joined YSRCP. When Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan called and I went it was said that I joined Jana Sena. A false campaign was also run that I am giving script to Pawan Kalyan. Undavalli said those lashing out at him are infact his supporters.At least Chandrababu should stop focussing on unnecessary issues and fight a legal battle against the Centre. He demanded that Chandrababu should come to Delhi to fight over the issue. Undavalli believes that Modi will not become prime minister again. He predicted that BJP will not emerge as single largest party.

He said everybody knows who is not allowing the no confidence motion to be taken up. BJP which was silent at  the time of bifurcation did  injustice even after coming to power. He alleged that BJP is afraid of debate on no-confidence motion. He questioned why those creating ruckus in Parliament are not being suspended. He said he can’t understand why Modi is afraid. He wondered why BJP is hesitating despite Modi government enjoying majority. He demanded that debate be taken up immediately on no-confidence motions

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