Congress, employees back Naidu, as others blame him

It was a day of blame game for the political parties. The CPI, CPM, YSR Congress and Jana Sena have blamed Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu for his silence for four years in fighting for the State issues, including the special category status. The CPI and the CPM which attended the all-party meeting squarely blamed Naidu for keeping silent for four years. “You are equally responsible for the injustice done to the State, not BJP alone,” was what the CPI and the CPM told Naidu. Though he tried to justify his stand on the ground that he had maintained restraint because of the new state and its requirements, the Left parties did not buy his statement. “We have cautioned you in the very first year that BJP is going to do injustice. But, you refused to listen to us. You did not even allow us to hold protests or meetings. You have clamped restrictions on us and filed cases on us,” the Left leaders said.

The Jana Sena and the YSR Congress, which boycotted the meeting, saw a conspiracy by Naidu in calling for an all-party meeting. They blamed Naidu for changing his stand frequently on the special category status and other issues and had called for the all-party meeting only to hide behind them from the BJP’s onslaught. While Pawan Kalyan found fault with the way the meeting was convened overnight, Jagan Mohan Reddy ridiculed the meeting and accused Naidu of planning another conspiracy.

Chandrababu Naidu had some relief with the Congress backing him and extending an olive branch for his future course of action. The Congress at the all-party meeting said it had been fighting for the special category status and other issues from the day one of the bifurcation and would continue to fight for the same. “We have extended our support to every party that spoke for the people and we would also support TDP if it fights for the same,” the Congress said giving a sigh of relief to Naidu from the onslaught.

There were representatives of the employees, trade and industry, besides the journalists, who showered praises on Naidu for his administrative skills and initiatives in the last four years in developing the new-born state. The employees, the representatives of the NRIs, the journalists, in the meeting blamed BJP for this situation. They also announced that they would stand by the Chief Minister in his fight both in the State and as well as at the national level. This is what Naidu exactly wanted. He wanted every section of the State and every political party to back him so that he can put up a fight with the Central government and the BJP.

He got that relief from these organisations which went on praising him and his leadership.

Subhash Vuyyuru
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