Did BJP threaten TDP MPs?

Did the BJP government threaten MPs during protest in Parliament over the demand for special status to Andhra Pradesh? Yes, say TDP leaders who discussed the issue during Mahanadu? The information that Modi team threatened to carry out income tac and ED raids on MP’s assets and slap CBI cases has sent shock waves in TDP camp. It is learnt that TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu tried to boost the morale of the MPs by advising them to be ready to face any such situation. According to TDP sources Chandrababu urged party leaders to inform people about the BJP government’s attempt to throttle MPs for raising their voice for justice and appeal to people to support to TDP to teach a lesson to the Centre.

Currently politics has become the biggest business. All MPs and MLAs are big businessmen. They all realize that compared to other business, politics can give them the best returns. They spend crores to get tickets and spend few crore mores to win the elections and after that for five years they try to earn 10 times more money. This is the trend in all parties. In TDP, majority of the MPs have various businesses. The Centre has already prepared a file on the loopholes in these businesses. The Centre is getting ready for different types of investigations on this file. After TDP pulled out of NDA, BJP targeted TDP leaders one after another. There have been speculations that BJP is trying to expose these leaders in public. There have been off-the-record comments behind the scene at Mahabadu that these plans of TDP could deal a severe blow to TDP’s economic interests.

However, by speaking publicly about the BJP’s plans to carry out raids, the TDP chief has prepared a strategy to ethically deal a blow to the BJP. At every platform, Chandrababu speaks about the CBI and ED raids being planned by BJP and the cases it wants to foist on TDP leaders. It is being said that his strategy is to speak so much about the BJP’s plans that it feels tied even before taking any action. If this strategy is adopted in case of BJP slapping cases, the TDP can hope to draw political mileage by telling people that it had already warned about this. Whatever may be the resolutions to be adopted at Mahanadu, the party’s top leadership is busy evolving a strategy to win the next elections and with the goal and counseling the leaders. It remains to be see how far this strategy succeeds.

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