Fearing violence, Pawan Kalyan drops his tour plans

Ambitious politician, Pawan Kalyan of Jana Sena, had dropped his plan to tour a couple of districts this time. He feared a conspiracy planned by his rivals to create violence and cast shadow on his future. Fearing this, he had dropped his tour of Chittoor and Guntur districts, lined up for this month.

The Jana Sena said that the party rivals have planned violence on the lines of Tuni in East Godavari district to demoralise or destabilise the Jana Sena and its founder Pawan Kalyan. Hired gangs of the abutting States have been engaged by few people, in order to create violence during Pawan’s tour in those two districts, according to Intelligence agencies.

“Hence, the tour programme of Pawan Kalyan has been cancelled,” party vice-president Mahender Reddy said and added that dates of the next schedule would be announced later.

Earlier, a few months ago in Vijayawada, Pawan Kalayn said that public programmes are very difficult for him given the enthusiastic youth following. “It took two hours for me to reach Vijayawada from Gannavarama airport. If I start attending public programmes, security would be a major problem,” he had said.

A politician fears of conspiracy by the rivals and fears of his own popularity causing security are no issues in public life. There were several popular people who have made it to politics – public life. NTR had great following and Indira Gandhi or Rajiv Gandhi had great following. Still they were seen in the midst of the people as politicians. M G Ramachandran, Jayalalithaa and many more had greater following. They too had the rivals. But, running away or postponing the public activity fearing the rivals is not a sign of successful politician.

When there is crowd, there is obviously some anti-social elements trying to take advantage of the situation. It is the leadership that has to control it. The leader has to make his followers to be alert on their side to avert the anti-social activities. If the leader cannot handle the crowd, he should not think of activities that are connected with the people. As a leader, Pawan Kalyan, should tell his supporters to keep an eye on the anti-social elements in the crowd and avert any unwanted situations. But, cannot runaway or postpone the programmes citing conspiracy theory of the rivals.

In politics, rivals will always try to destabilise a party or conspire to dilute the party or leader. It is for the leader to handle those conspiracies and not run away. Mr. Pawan Kalyan, plan your party and activities, handle your crowd, don’t blame the rivals, if you want to be a successful politician. No rival will help you. No rival will build your future. They are there, in politics, to weaken you and destabilise you.

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