Is Revanth planning a coup against Uttam?

Revanth Reddy is a firebrand in Telangana politics. Whatever or wherever may be the platform, he makes sensational allegations against his rivals. Especially his allegations against TRS resonate with people. Six months ago, he reached to a conclusion that in Telangana, Congress is the appropriate platform to fight against TRS and joined Congress party in Delhi in the presence of Rahul Gandhi. When he joined Congress, everybody thought that he will be given importance in the party and his services will be used. Congress workers were also celebrating the fact that a leader with mass following has joined their party. However, he did not get the expected priority in the party. For name sake he was made AICC member and was kept aside. However, Revanth who had been waiting this long, is now learnt to be devising his strategy. It appears that he along with other senior leaders is busy making a plan.

Revanth had told media that from December 9 when he joins Congress, Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao will think about him. As announced, Revanth along with large number of followers entered Gandhi Bhavan for the first time on December 9. The same day he targeted TRS with the allegation and proof that minister KTR’s father-in-law got government job on ST certificate. Congress cadres and even political observers thought that Congress has got a new life. However, their hopes were short-lived. Within few days Revanth again fell silent. Except addressing press meets occasionally, he is not to be seen. PCC chief Uttam Kumar Reddy had played a key role in Revanth’s entry into Congress but even with him, Revanth is not going well. Recently during chitchat with media, he voiced dissidence against Uttam. The PCC chief has also kept Revanth aside. Uttam Kumar, who is trying to get a grip on the party, appears to have felt that if Revanth is given a post at this stage he might become a competition and hence it is better to ignore him. Uttam has submitted to Rahul a list of his supporters to fill the party posts.

So far, there has been talk that Revanth will be made head of party’s campaign committee. He too waited for this post. However, on learning that he has not been given priority in the list submitted by Uttam, he is looking to take on Uttam. It appears that Revanth is joining hands with Komatireddy Venkat Reddy, D K Aruna and others who had opposed his entry into Congress. They are all coming together to counter Uttam. They leant to have met party president Rahul Gandhi to complain against Uttam. They met Rahul on the pretext of wishing him on his birthday but the real purpose was to put a check to Uttam. They also learnt to have told Rahul that Uttam is developing relations with KCR through mediation by Myhome Rameshwar Rao. Revanth is understood to have made this allegation. Revanth has come closer to those who opposed his entry into Congress and distanced from Uttam, who played key role in his entry into the party. He joined hands with senior to put a check on Uttam. Political analysts say with a short span of time Revanth has understood well the internal politics of Congress.

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