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Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister and TDP chief N. Chandrababu Naidu has vowed to achieve special status for the state no matter how many hurdles the Centre creates. He organized a massive public meeting ‘Dharma porata sabha’ in Tirupati to tell people that Narendra Modi has failed to fulfill the promise he made at a public meeting at the same venue on this day in 2014. Chandrababu Naidu declared that his fight against the Centre is beginning from here. He said that it is not the end but just the beginning. Addressing the public meeting, the TDP president said Modi went back on the promise he made in the presence of Lord Venkateshwara. He said Modi promised to help build a grand state capital but gave only Rs.1,500 crore for the capital. He said he worked tirelessly for the state’s development for last four years. Naidu said Congress party did injustice to the state by dividing the state in an unscientific manner. It has done injustice by dividing the state in an improper way. “If there is no value of the legislation passed in the Parliament, then whom should we question,” he asked. He said he visited Delhi 29 times but the central government did not cooperate. He claimed that when he refused to take oath as the chief minister, the Centre gave eight mandals of Telangana which will be inundated by Polavaram. He alleged that the Centre did not cooperate after that. It announced special package instead of special status but did not issue even the GO.

Naidu recalled that it was 40 years ago that he began his political career from Venkateshwara University. He said every tree in Venkateswara University will tell his story. He stated that only TDP worked for the state’s interests. Ten states were given special status but AP was denied. They did not explain why it was not given to AP. He said there is no question of a compromise on the special status. He said industry was also not given the incentives. Revenue deficit was Rs.16,000 crore but the Centre provided only Rs.4,000 crore. He said he patiently waited for the sake of Polavaram. He declared that Polavaram will be completed with the blessings of people. Some people are making allegations to stall the project. He claimed that he created third city Cyberabad in Hyderabad. Gujarat has many cities but don’t we need a city, he asked. Naidu alleged that funds were not provided for Visakha-Chennai industrial corridor. The Centre is not sanctioning Kadapa Steel Plant and Visakha Railway Zone. Is it not betrayal?, Naidu asked. He alleged that YSRCP and BJP have colluded for their vested interests. He said BJP joined hands with YSRCP to hurt him. Even Assembly seats were not increased. They have not increased the number of seats because they fear that this will strengthen TDP. He said YSRCP had joined hands with Congress party to divide the state.

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