Jana Sena expects 20 TDP MLAs to join

In a surprise move, the Jana Sena had claimed that there are at least 20 legislators from the ruling Telugu Desam Party who are ready to join. The party claimed that these MLAs were waiting for the clearance from the party chief Pawan Kalyan.

Crossing fence is very common in political parties ahead of the elections. The ambitious leaders, in an attempt to win, look for better options. While the number of new entrants into politics at the time of elections is limited, this set of leaders who keep switching over to one party from the other, is usually large. Majority leaders stay back in their parties, while the ambitious keep changing the places.

It is in this regard that Jana Sena has enough indications from several senior legislators from the ruling party, who are either doubtful of their party’s victory or their own victory in the party. Or who see greater winning chances for the other party will always try their luck.

This time, the TDP leaders have greater and tougher time in getting the party ticket to contest as they have more leaders in the party than the number of Assembly seats to be accommodated. In the 2014 elections, the TDP had contested 160 Assembly seats giving 15 for the BJP. Now by severing ties with the BJP, the TDP has the advantage of those 15 seats. But the greater worry is that the party had taken 24 MLAs from the YSR Congress and it has to accommodate all of them in the next elections.

The TDP expected that Central government would increase the number of Assembly seats by adding an additional 50 as mentioned in the AP Reorganisation Act. This, if happened, would have been a great advantage for the TDP in accommodating all its own MLAs and the MLAs joined the party from the YSR Congress.

Given this reality, there would certainly be more number of MLAs from the ruling TDP to quit and try for the ticket in Jana Sena, the new party with almost all 175 Assembly seats vacant for them now. According to Jana Sena senior leader V Pardhasaradhi, these 20 MLAs from the TDP have already approached the party leadership and were waiting for Pawan Kalyan’s nod to switch over the loyalties.

Let’s watch who are those 20 legislators ready to jump

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