Jana Sena gets two ex-MLAs from Godavari

Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan had admitted two former legislators from East Godavari district, ahead of his tour in the district, which is scheduled to start from October 15.

Former MLAs, Rapaka Varaprasada Rao from Razole and Pamula Rajeswari Devi from Gannavaram constituency joined the Jana Sena in the presence of Pawan Kalyan, the other day at Polavaram in West Godavari district. The two won their respective Assembly constituencies in 2009 elections on Congress ticket.

While welcoming the two former legislators into the party, Pawan Kalyan said that he had come to politics for development as the Telugu Desam Party had spoiled the system and encouraging corruption. He took a dig at the TDP for destroying the Panchayat Raj system through introducing the Janma Bhoomi committees.

In TDP government, it is the Janma Bhoomi committees that play key role in the developmental works at the grassroots. Every village has a Janma Bhoomi committee that makes the elected gram panchayat headed by sarpanch. The developmental activities in the villages are planned and executed by these Janma Bhoomi committees ignoring the elected members of the village panchayat.

He wanted the Jana Sainiks to work against these committees so as to strengthen the democratically elected gram panchayats. Pawan Kalyan’s war against the TDP is set to be focused from the grassroots on the Janma Bhoomi committees. Interestingly, people at the grassroots are aware of the corruption of these committees and are not happy with them.

Picking up the fight against these committees would give an edge to Pawan Kalyan which is why he must have taken up this. The message now is clear that Pawan Kalyan would fight against the TDP aiming at the anti-government and anti-TDP votes in the next elections.

It is to be seen if this stand would help Pawan Kalyan win a handful of seats, at least in the two Godavari districts. Taking these two former MLAs from the two SC reserved constituencies, that way, is a considerable victory for the Jana Sena.

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