KCR’s federal front is to pave way for takeover by KTR

Telangana Chief Minister KCR is a sensation. Whatever decisions he takes and whatever statements he makes create a buzz. It sparks excitement.  He speaks fast and takes quick decisions. It triggers tremors. His ideas, his expression and the action plan create hope for the hopeless. His latest announcement to form secular front and the subsequent visit to West Bengal has given a new direction to Telangana politics. There are many doubts on what KCR will achieve by floating this front at the national level. There are speculations.  But his move is leading to realignments in Telangana. There are many whose political future looks uncertain. Seniors in the present government have started worrying. The political career of Harish Rao, who is seen as a challenge to KCR’s successor KTR, will also take a new turn. According to political observers, leaders playing key roles in Telangana will see dramatic changes in their positions before 2019.

Teangana is still an infant state. It has not even completed five year journey. However, the state got senior leaders. Chief Minister KCR served as a state minister and deputy speaker during TDP rule. He was central minister in UPA government. During Telangana movement, he came up with the idea of building Bangaru or golden Telangana. As Telangana had the surplus revenue, he prepared a plan to implement new schemes. Since TRS was a party which had its genesis in the movement, it had to initially face shortage of senior leaders. With the senior leaders from TDP and other parties joining TRS, its government became stronger. It also gained experience and in a short span of time put the administration on track. While not completely ignoring those who participated in the movement, KCR handsomely rewarded those who came from other parties. They were called BT (Bangaru Telangana) and had to face criticism but KCR had not backtracked. He was of the opinion that administration needs experience. He was clear that movement is one thing and running the state is another. After four year rule, KCR felt that he has reached the destination as far as the state is concerned. He now wants to expand his role to the national politics. He is keen to take some leaders with him to Delhi and this is causing heartburn among a section of the leaders.

The new state has not only stabilized but the leaders have also settled down. Party sources say KCR feels that some ministers who were inducted to use their experience were creating hurdles for new generation of leaders to emerge. Especially there are doubts with regard to their cooperation with leaders like KTR. KCR is said to be preparing national roles for all such ministers. He is evolving a strategy in this connection. He believes that since administration is back on rails, the government no longer needs experienced leaders. Since these experienced leaders are creating hurdles for successors and any clash between them could create problems for TRS government, KCR wants to take some senior leaders with him to Delhi.

Sources say six to seven ministers may be asked to contest Lok Sabha elections in 2019 polls. It is learnt that without completely ignoring them, KCR wants to pave the way for takeover by KTR. According to party sources, senior leaders like Etela Rajender, Tummala Nageswar Rao, Talasani Srinivas Yadav, Mahender Reddy and Kadiam Srihari will be shifted to Delhi. They will be included in the list of senior leaders like K. Keshava Rao.

Harish Rao had played a key role in Telangana movement along with party workers. He had secured the highest majority in the state when Congress party had a strong leader like Y. S. Rajasekhar Reddy. After KCR, Harish Rao is the most popular among TRS cadres and leaders. There are speculations that Harish will also be made a MP to shift him to Delhi. He is not only a young leader but has more political experience than KTR. The huge following he has among TRS cadre is said to be turning into his bane. He had to counter the false propaganda that he was planning to split the party with 40 MLAs. Harish had to repeatedly prove his loyalty. He had to repose faith in KCR’s leadership with the statement that he will stay with the TRS till his last breath. His followers said he was tired of the false campaign against him.

Secular Front is yet to take off. It is not clear if this front will come to power at the Centre or not. There are doubts whether this front will be a partner in the next coalition or not. Young leaders like Harish who have bright future may not agree to work for a third front by sacrificing power in Telangana state which was achieved by the hard work during the movement. If KTR and Harish stay in the state, the latter with his political acumen is sure to tighten grip on the party. This may create problems for KTR in future. This is known to all in the party. That is why it is being said that KCR wants to divert Harish’s skills for another movement, this time in national politics.

In politics, sometimes promotion is also a demotion.

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