Kumaraswamy achieved what he wanted

Kumaraswamy has sworn in as the chief minister of Karnataka. The Congress party has accepted all conditions put forward by him. Kumaraswamy has taken precautions to ensure that he doesn’t face any problems in future. Initially, Congress suggested that the CM’s post be shared by the parties by rotation. However, Kumaraswamy did not agree. He made it clear that he will be CM for full five-year term. He also said that if Congress doesn’t agree for this, he will not take oath as the CM.

In Karnataka, Congress party won 78 seats while Janta Dal (S) secured only 38 seats. However, Congress acted in haste to prevent BJP from grabbing power. It came forward on its own to make Kumaraswamy the chief minister. Kumaraswamy made full use of this opportunity. He said he would be chief minister for full term and would also implement the promises made in the manifestos of both JD (S) and Congress. It is said that Congress initially had objections to this suggestion but with no other alternative, the party leadership accepted it.

Kumaraswamy did another job. He roped in all anti-BJP forces for his swearing-in. He also invited leaders of those parties with whom Congress do not any alliance in various states. He thus tried to convey to Congress leaders that he also has backing of this parties. Kumaraswamy agreed only on the issue of speaker. It was decided that speaker’s post will go to Congress while deputy speaker will be from JD (S). Similarly, Congress held talks and made him agree for 22 ministers from Congress and 12 including himself from JD (S).

Congress party also informed and convinced its leaders that Kumaraswamy will be the chief minister for five years. For the chief minister’s post, initially two names were considered but only Dalit leader and PCC chief Parmeswar took oath. It was planned to name a Congress leader from Lingayat community as the second deputy chief minister. However, Kumaraswamy did not agree to this. Keeping in view the weakness of Congress party, Kumaraswamy achieved what all he wanted.

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