Like Jagan, Pawan too has a poll strategist

YSR Congress chief Jagan Mohan Reddy has a poll strategist to help him in the next round of elections. Noted strategist Prashant Kishore, who helped Narendra Modi in 2014 elections, is now with the YSR Congress for the past one year. While no one knows what kind of strategic support that Prashant Kishore is giving to Jagan Mohan Reddy and his YSR Congress, the leaders claim that the strategic support is important to win the elections.

Now, following suit, Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan too had roped in a poll strategist for his party ahead of the next elections. He had not given the full name and credentials of his strategist but revealed his last name as Dev. No one knows what Dev’s track record is neither require to know as it is exclusively for the benefit of Pawan Kalyan and his Jana Sena.

Pawan Kalyan had announced that his party would contest all the 175 Assembly seats in Andhra Pradesh. This would mean that he had closed the doors for the CPI and the CPM with which he had been working for the past one year. It was thought that Pawan Kalyan would go to the elections with the CPI and the CPM as poll partners. Now that he had decided to contest all the seats, it is clear that he had no intention of having electoral understanding with any party.

While making his stand clear on the Andhra Pradesh, Pawan Kalyan is yet to make his mind known to the people on Telangana. He wanted a couple of months’ time to announce his strategy on his party contesting the Telangana elections.

Comparatively, Jana Sena is strong in Andhra Pradesh than Telangana and his presence is felt in some pockets of Hyderabad, Khammam, Karimangar, Nizamabad and part of Nalgonda district and not more than that. He is likely to focus more on Hyderabad where some Andhra families are settled. Interestingly, these Andhra families which have been the base for the TDP for all these years have moved to the TRS after the bifurcation. It may not be possible for Pawan Kalyan to provide safety cushion for these Andhra families to move from TRS to the Jana Sena. If he does that with the help of his strategist Dev, that would be an advantage for Pawan Kalyan, even in the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation elections, besides the Assembly elections.

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