Naidu discounts BJP’s claims of finishing off TDP

Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu dismissed the BJP leaders’ claims of finishing off the TDP in the State after the Karnataka elections. Without quoting the statement of BJP leader and Rajya Sabha member G V L Narasimha Rao that several surprises are in the offing in the State after the Karnataka elections, Chandrababu Naidu said that no force on the earth can finish off the TDP.

He addressed the TDP leaders at Undavalli where he underscored the need for TDP to retain power in the State to ensure continuation of welfare and development schemes and directed the leaders to keep it in mind and work hard. “We should have two goals – continuing welfare and development schemes and winning the election,” he said. Stating that positive attitude and maintaining cordial relationship with people will ensure the success of leaders, he said that 73 per cent of people are satisfied with the government and suggested that leaders  convert the same into votes and win the elections in all constituencies.

Recalling that the people approached him with several problems during the padayatra taken up by him five years ago, he said that now there was no such scenario as the government had resolved all problems. He observed that Leader of the Opposition Jaganmohan Reddy was just limiting himself to doing politics by giving individual and caste-based assurances as people having no complaints to tell him, he said.

Asking the party leaders to sink their differences and ego, he said such feelings would only keep the leaders away from public. At this juncture, Naidu said that the people were dissatisfied with the BJP because its leaders were egoistic.  “All sections of people across the country gravitated towards Modi four years ago and gave their mandate. But, four years later, the same people are opposing Modi. This is because of the BJP leadership’s intolerance and the same resulted in people distancing themselves from the saffron party,’’ he said.

While reviewing the bicycle rallies being organised in constituencies for some days, Naidu expressed his dissatisfaction over MLAs for lack of seriousness on the issue and wanted them to take the directions of the party seriously. Stating that he was not prepared to lose any of the team members (MLAs), he wanted the latter to keep trust in him. In the same breath,  he also said that the onus of fielding the right candidate lies on him

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