Naidu gets Telugu film industry support for his black-badge fight

Telugu Desam supremo and Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu got his pack of support from the Tollywood for his prestigious fight against the Centre with black-badges. Weeks after his party MLC YVB Rajendra Prasad hit at the Tollywood for not rallying behind the TDP in its fight against the Centre for the Special Category Status, the Telugu industry’s leading directors and producers met Chandrababu Naidu wearing black-badges. Producer C Aswini Dutt and director K Raghavendra Rao led a delegation of handful individuals from the film industry to back Naidu.

The TDP has greater support in the Telugu film industry. The entire Nandamuri family is with the TDP. Besides that there are producers like Aswini Dutt and Murali Mohan and directors like Raghavendra Rao to rally the industry personalities for the TDP in every election. That support has been continuing particularly after Chandrababu Naidu took over the party in 1995. When NTR was heading the party, he never looked for the support from the industry. He was alone but was enough and did not require the film glamour to attract the voters for the party. However, it was not same for Chandrababu Naidu who was known little among the voters by then. He needed a greater publicity campaign to reach out to the people .

But, now, the industry has changed and there are his critics in the Tollywood. When the TDP MLC blamed the industry, he was strongly condemned and countered by the TDP’s critics. Persons like Posani Krishna Murali have given a strong counter to this statement wondering what argument of Chandrababu Naidu to be supported. They quoted different statements of Chandrababu Naidu on the special category status at different times and that came handy for the opposition parties to attack the TDP. Chandrababu Naidu had finally cut the MLC to size on the issue on seeing the unexpected criticism.

However, the support now extended by Aswini Dutt and Raghavendra Rao does not reflect the sentiments of the entire film industry as it has been for all these years. There is a vertical divide in the industry with those supporting Chandrababu Naidu and those criticism him. The TDP or Chandrababu Naidu himself cannot take the Telugu film industry for granted anymore. Though there is not much support for Jagan Mohan Reddy in the industry, there is a considerable strength to oppose the TDP.

Several actors who have been campaigning for the TDP for all these years have moved out reducing the glamour to get the votes. It is to be seen how the TDP and Chandrababu Naidu would manage their election campaign this time with the reduced glamour in the next elections.


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