Naidu now bats for Ease of Living

Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu said that the state government has been giving priority for ease of living and citizen satisfaction using convergence of technology. He said that the state government has been striving for excellence to achieve perfectness in delivery mechanism to increase satisfaction levels of people.

Replying to a short discussion on Real Time Governance – integration of technology in Administration and development –monitoring in Legislative Assembly today, the Chief Minister said any state can reach its vision through good governance. He said administration should be transparent to win the confidence of people. Technology should be used to reach best standards in administration to achieve satisfaction of people.

Describing the functioning of RTG the Chief Minister said that the state government has been implementing public distribution system to 1.2 crore families successfully using Aadhar enabled technology for the first time in India. He said the state government has been implementing digitisation of land records through Bhudar project to prevent tampering of land records.

The Chief Minister said the CM’s dash board developed by RTG will help to monitor rainfall, cyclone prediction, ground water position in advance. He said the state achieved 10.52 growth rate using technology. He said the state government plans to set international bench marking in real time monitoring. He said Andhra Pradesh is only state using the unique architecture to bring convergence for departments for ease of living.

The Chief Minister said RTG is in forefront when it comes to launching new programmes aimed at bringing transparency and accountability while enhancing the ease of living for the citizens. The Yuva Nestam is one such example which is built on the RTG eco system platform that enables jobless and qualified youth to seek monthly allowance in a hassle free manner without the need of contacting any middlemen.

The Chief Minister said that the state government introduced AP Fibre grid, which is an innovation. He said the state government plans to bring 793 services under e-Pragati project to make all the services online. He said an app store would be developed for the benefit of people to utilise the app for any government services. He said that there is no need for carrying certificates in future and certificate less technology would be provided.

The Chief Minister said that by using technology the state government plans to bring revolution in agriculture sector too. He said the technology is being used for better water management, rain water harvesting. He said technology should be used for ease of living by providing quality services including quality water, air and food.

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