Naidu to clear Telangana TDP list

Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu is scheduled to clear the party candidates’ names for Telangana elections. He is scheduled to meet the party leaders in Amaravati on Thursday. A joint meeting of the party leaders from the two Telugu States is posted for the Thursday morning.

Telangana TDP president L Ramana, along with other senior leaders of the party, is arriving at Amaravati with the names for the 14 Assembly seats that the party received in alliance with the Congress. The Telangana TDP chief had prepared a list of names of the probable candidates and aspirants for all the 14 constituencies which are to be cleared by Chandrababu Naidu.

The TDP is also likely to give a fine tuning of the party’s election manifesto for Telangana. A list of issues were drafted by the Telangana leaders to challenge the ruling Telangana Rastra Samithi in the election campaigns. The TDP leaders would have their own issues to counter the TRS during the election campaign and election manifesto.

However, the TTDP leaders are unwilling to include the Congress party’s agenda in the manifesto. But the manifesto would have some assurances to the people when the party comes to power in alliance with the Congress. As the TDP would also be part of the coalition government after the elections, the TTDP leaders are framing the schemes that would be introduced and implemented in the State. The party is focusing more on these issues to win the elections.

As the TTDP is in Opposition in the State, Chandrababu Naidu had reportedly told them to give stress on highlighting the failures of the TRS government in the last four years. He had reportedly told the party leaders that giving priority to the failures would attract the voters than mere promises. He is thus planning to change the direction of the manifesto in highlighting the TRS failures.

The list and manifesto would be finalised at Amaravati today but would be released at a later date keeping in view the election schedule in the State, which is yet to be announced

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