Naidu’s day long fast has no political backing

All political parties in Andhra Pradesh have boycotted Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu’s 12 hour long fast today. Though Chandrababu Naidu said he would sit in the fast as Chief Minister and not as TDP national president, the political parties in the State have not taken him seriously.

The YSR Congress had termed the fast as yet another U turn as Naidu wanted the parties to hold their protests in Delhi and not in AP. When the Opposition parties conducted State bandh on April 16, he did not support it and rather issued a statement saying that the APSRTC alone incurred huge loss due to the bandh and that loss was not good for the State. Today, for his fast, the APSRTC is carrying people from the villages to Vijayawada and to the respective district headquarters for the fast.

The Ministers are holding simultaneous hunger strike across the 13 districts and the RTC is put in place to mobilise people. This would mean, according to the YSR Congress, yet another few crore of rupees loss to the RTC, incurred for the Chief Minister alone.

The Congress had called the fast as fake event alleging that Chandrababu Naidu had more interest in getting political mileage than the benefits to the State. The fast, according to Congress, is to stop the falling graph of Chandrababu Naidu after his several U turns in the last four years.

The CPI was too hard in hitting Chandrababu Naidu for taking up the fast. The Left party called it as an attempt to wash off Chandrababu Naidu’s hands from the crime of cheating people along with BJP and Narendra Modi in the last four years.

The Jana Sena had also boycotted the fast on the ground that the TDP or Chandrababu Naidu have lost their legal and political right to take up such fast. The legal right is by rejecting the special category status and accepting the special package and the political right is for not supporting the political parties which have been fighting for the cause and insisting that all parties should support him.

With all the political parties boycotting him, Chandrababu Nadiu, as Chief Minister, has only one option – mobilising the employees, the Self-Help Group women and the MNREGS wage seekers, who are all under the government control. The government, commissioners of school education and Intermediate education, have sent messages to the schools and colleges to send students for the fast. The private colleges and schools have put their busses in place to collect students and drop them at the fast site.

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