Pawan forms panel on reservations issues

Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan had decided to constitute yet another committee to study the reservations issue. He had earlier formed a joint fact finding committee on the AP Reorganisation Act and the bifurcation issues. The committee had two sittings with the experts and had given its initial report, before its premature death.

Now, the Jana Sena chief had formed a new panel to study the reservation issue. Though Pawan Kalyan had not named the members of the committee yet, he had reportedly told the party political affairs committee that the committee would look into all the demands relating to reservations. There are demands from different castes to change their reservation to a better category. There are also demands from different castes to extend reservations and Kapus demand is there for decades.

Some castes like Rajaka have been asking for their inclusion in the SC list, while some castes have been asking for the change of their category from BC-D to BC A and so on. The Telugu Desam Party had given several such promises in the last election igniting the new demands and new controversy. While change of the category is within the purview of the State government, inclusion of new castes like Kapus in the reservation list is not in its hand. It has to be done by the Central government by amending the Schedule IX of the constitution.

Pawan Kalyan wants his party to study all these demands deeper and make some recommendations. In fact, Justice Manjunadha commission was appointed by the TDP government only to make such a study. However, before Justice Manjunadha gives his recommendations, the State government went ahead and sent an Assembly recommendation to the Central government. People are not aware of what Justice Manjunadha wanted to recommend or what he had found during his study.

Perhaps his findings did not recommend inclusions or changes of categories as being demanded and that is the reason why the TDP did not take his report. Pawan Kalyan should focus on the findings of Justice Manjunadha before making any attempt to study the issue. It is better if Pawan Kalyan takes the recommendations or findings of his study on the BC reservations

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