Pawan Kalyan shifts his base to Vijayawada

Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan had shifted his base to Vijayawada. He had hired a posh house in Patamatalanka area of the city where he would also have his party office. The house is well-furnished and said he have two conference halls to accommodate 50 and 100 persons each.

As Pawan Kalyan is planning to contest the next elections and is already constructing his own house-cum-party office at Kaza village near Mangalagiri, his immediate shift to Vijayawada is seen as a well calculated move. The ruling Telugu Desam Party is targeting him as a visitor to Andhra Pradesh with his family and the party base located in Hyderabad. To strip the TDP from such a criticism, Pawan Kalyan had hired a house in the city and had told the party men that he would be operating from the city from now.

Pawan had launched his Uttarandhra tour two months ago and had given a break to it now following Ramzan festival. He is set to resume his tour on June 26 and had decided to stay in AP for the rest of the time. As he would be touring mostly in the Uttarandhra and the two Godavari districts in the next couple of months his presence in Vijayawada will give him right schedule to plan his activities.

All political parties, except the Opposition YSR Congress, have shifted their base to the capital area. The ruling TDP had set up its State headquarters at Guntur, while the CPI, CPM, Congress and the BJP have their headquarters in Vijayawada. Now, with Pawan moving to this city, the parties have taken their position in the capital region ready for the next round of battle.

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