Pawan Kalyan targets Telugu media and TDP

Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan targeted the Telugu media, both print and electronic, for airing abusive remarks against his family. He had named the media persons and the media houses and called his supporters to boycott them too. He named Andhra Jyothi group and TV9  as media houses and Vemuri Radhakrishna of Andhra Jyothi, Ravi Prakash of TV9 and Srini Raju of TV9 as conspiring against him to favour the ruling TDP in Andhra Pradesh.

It all started with junior actress Sri Reddy coming out accusing Telugu film industry of entertaining casting couch and exploiting the female artists. She also raised the issue of importing non-Telugu heroines and domination of the film industry by two or three families. The issues that she had raised were important to be addressed in the larger interests of the future of the industry. The casting couch, a practice exists for several decades in the film industry, where a female had to fulfil a commitment of physical surrender, in return to the roles in the films. A female artist has to satisfy hero or director or producer or even the coordinator to get a role in any movie. Sri Reddy said that the role in films was not sure even if a female artists fulfils the commitment. These issues were to be addressed by the industry.

The Telugu news channels have ran this story continuously for ten days organising live debates as, sex sells more and brings more revenue to them. Not happy with talking about the sex in the film industry, some channels have targeted individuals and it took political turn with Sri Reddy and Ram Gopal Varma directing their criticism against Pawan Kalyan.

It was Pawan Kalyan who had first made a comment against Sri Reddy and other female artists for coming out in open instead of going to the police station and lodge a complaint. The debate then turned to the hero and his involvement in the industry which finally led to some unwanted comments by Sri Reddy. Though this small time heroine and big producer Ram Gopal Varma withdrew their remarks against Pawan Kalyan, the actor-turned-politician took the issue seriously and held a protest at the film chamber seeking action against his critics.

Keeping this aside, what Pawan Kalyan said about the media and the plot against him by the TDP, became talk of the State. He blamed TDP, particularly Chandrababu Naidu and his son Lokesh, Andhra Jyothi’s Radhakrishna and TV9’s Ravi Prakash as conspirators. His accusation is very serious and had given strength to the YSR Congress party’s allegations of “yellow media” supporting TDP and destroying non-TDP parties.

Pawan Kalyan’s statement comes substantiating the YSR Congress party’s allegations. It is now to be seen how the media would react to this exposure.

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