Roja hits at Chandrababu Naidu

This time too, Roja did not leave any space for the TDP to refute her charges. She gives an account of every charge that she makes against the TDP chief and her message goes deeper into the masses, particularly women.

The YSR Congress leader leaves no opportunity to hit back at Chandrababu Naidu. She also minces no words to target the TDP chief. She is one of the hard core critics of Chandrababu Naidu. Interestingly, for reasons not known, Chandrababu Naidu does not like criticism from Roja and Kodali Nani. While Nani comes out occasionally hitting hard at Naidu, Roja is seen frequently hitting him.

YSR Congress MLA RK Roja slammed Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu alleging that to regain power at any cost in the 2019 elections, Naidu was choosing various ways, including tying up with the Congress. Under Naidu’s rule, safety of women had gone for a toss in Andhra Pradesh, where girls from five years of age to 60-year-old women were becoming rape victims, she alleged.

Roja said Naidu, after being in power in alliance with the BJP for four years and amassing huge wealth, Naidu is now organising Dharma Porata Deeksha against it.

“People of Andhra Pradesh are witnessing everything including how Naidu has responded to the special category status issue in the last four years. People have come to a conclusion to usher in ‘Rajanna Rajyam’ by putting an end to Naidu’s corrupt rule,” Roja said. The YSRC MLA also added that only Jagan had the guts to go it alone in the elections. But Naidu, scared of losing in elections, is not in a position to announce his party’s stand.

Roja also stated that women in AP have lost faith in Naidu’s rule and they have become victims right from Rishiteshwari to Vanajakshi. She said that in Naidu’s regime, girl children from five years of age to 60-year-old women were becoming victims of rape and other offences.

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