Simultaneous polls is ok for YSR Congress

The YSR Congress had agreed for the idea of simultaneous elections to the Lok Sabha and State Assemblies. The party had submitted its letter to the Law Commission where it had given a detailed note on the advantages and disadvantages of the simultaneous polls while welcoming the move.

YSR Congress general secretary and Rajya Sabha member V Vijayasai Reddy and former Union minister Ummareddi Venkateswarlu met the Law Commission chairman and submitted the party’s stand on the one nation – one poll proposal.

The Telugu Desam Party had submitted its view to the Law Commission couple of days ago where it opposed the move and said the party was ready for early polls to the Lok Sabha and not for the State Assembly where it has more than six months period.

The YSR Congress said that the simultaneous elections would bring down the expenditure and also reduce the time to be spent by the Central and the State governments on the election. However, it had cautioned the country of having the election staff and the security forces to monitor it across the 29 States and Union Territories. They also expressed doubts over the availability of the EVMs for the country in such a large number.

The YSR Congress also raised doubts over the survival of the elected governments for the full term, particularly in the era of coalition. It would also mean the right of the people to express descent over the elected government and its policies. While there is no impeachment to unseat the sitting government, the YSR Congress felt that the Opposition parties would be deprived of the chance of moving no confidence motion against the government, if elections are held simultaneously and the Lok Sabha and Assemblies are linked.

Even if the government at the Centre collapses due to squabbles in the ruling party or defections and the government loses the confidence of the majority Lok Sabha members, then the country would have to face fresh election, which would mean that the Assemblies too would have to go for the elections, despite not having such problems, the YSR Congress observed.

While voting for the simultaneous elections, the YSR Congress wanted the Law Commission to take these concerns into consideration before taking a call.

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