State ready for CM’s one day fast

The State government is ready for the one day fast of Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu on his birthday on April 20, against the injustice done to the State by the NDA government. The Cabinet Sub-Committee had made all the arrangements in terms of planning and only execution of the plan is left for the next two days.

The historical fast, as the Cabinet claims, will have similar protests across the 13 districts with the Ministers, MPs, MLAs, MLCs and zilla parishad chairpersons sitting in fast in their respective districts. The Cabinet sub-committee had decided to have 13 Ministers to sit along with the Chief Minister in the day long fast in Vijayawada, while the rest of them will go to the respective districts.

The ruling TDP is also making alternative arrangements to support the Chief Minister’s fast. The party had drafted senior leaders to be around the Chief Minister’s fasting venue to monitor the arrangements, including the campaign and address the people. The party on one side and the government on the other have sent invitations to the regional and the national media representatives to cover the prestigious and historical event.

A huge dais is being readied at the Indira Gandhi Municipal Corporation Stadium for the event. The Chief Minister would sit in the day long protest on the dais which would be visible for the media and the people too. There would be around 200 chairs on the dais for the leaders of political parties and peoples’ organisations visiting the Chief Minister.

The government, with the help of its media consultants, drafted  and have been working at different levels, had prepared a massive campaign material for the event. The campaign material is being used to promote the fast and project the injustice done to the State by the NDA government. While the government would officially focus on the injustice done to the State, the Ministers and other elected representatives of the ruling party are expected to hit at the Prime Minister and the Union government.

The event is also expected to project the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi as the villain for denying the special category status to the State though he had promised it during the 2014 elections. In a way, the fast would be a big hit for the TDP and a setback for the BJP in the State politics. Chandrababu Naidu, by inviting the national media for the event, wants to project Narendra Modi as betrayer for not honouring the promises made to the State. Chandrababu Naidu is also planning to hit hard at Narendra Modi for disrespecting the federal structure of the country and democratic values of the nation by not implementing the promises made in Parliament and the provisions mentioned in the AP Reorganisation Act.

In a way, it is Chandrababu Naidu’s war against Narendra Modi in the country and it is to be seen how far this fast would cast shade on Modi’s image in the country, ahead of the 2019 general elections.

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