TDP at its best on cheap publicity, media too joins

The ruling Telugu Desam Party is always works to spread fake news against the rivals and it was seen at its best once again. Surprisingly, the media that supports the ruling party also took its share in highlighting the news to damage the rival YSR Congress.

A vernacular media had flashed a news report about YSR Congress MLA Buggana Rajendranath Reddy, meeting BJP leaders including Kanna Lakshminarayana, Daggubati Purandheswari, Akula Satyanarayana in Andhra Bhavan in Delhi. The report went viral in the social media and political circles across the state with the TDP leaders taking it to the people to justify their allegations of political conspiracy against the TDP by BJP and YSR Congress. Minister Nara Lokesh went to the extent to accusing the two parties of conspiring against the Telugu self-respect, while ministers one after the other appeared before the media to nail both the YSR Congress and the BJP.

But, the fact was different. There were BJP leaders camping in the AP Bhavan. There was a TDP legislator, Kuna Ravikumar, too camping in the AP Bhavan. It was at that time, the YSR Congress legislator had checked in. As he was moving forward TDP MLA Ravikumar came across and they both shook hands. Then the YSR Congress MLA spotted BJP MLA Akula Satyanarayana, who also greeted each other.

The TDP MLA then flashed it to a Telugu media correspondent in Delhi who weaved a story about the YSR Congress MLA and BJP leaders meeting. As the report was flashed in the online edition of the media and subsequently flashed as breaking news in its media, the TDP leaders took it to their advantage.

“It is a clear conspiracy by the TDP and the media to spread false and misleading information. The TDP lives on spreading gobbles to cover up its corruption and failures,” asserted YSR Congress MLA Buggana Rajendranath Reddy. The TDP leaders have done this before in the case of YSR Congress MP V Vijayasai Reddy visiting the Prime Minister Office. But, this time it was well-designed and executed that had initially doubts over the possible conspiracy.


Ram Tatavarthi
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