TDP corrects its wrong decisions for a second time

The ruling Telugu Desam Party in the State had for the second time, corrected its wrong decision. In the two occasions, the government had to issue GOs, though claimed on administrative grounds.

In the first instance, the government dropped MLA Vangalapudi Anitha from Payakaraopet Assembly constituency, from the prestigious Tirumala Tirupati Devastanams trust board. The government had named her as TTD member along with others including its chairman Putta Sudhakar Yadav. Though there were allegations of Sudhakar Yadav attending the Christian prayers meetings in the past, the government brushed all allegations aside and made him the chairman. However, it could not escape from the similar charges against Anitha.

The social media flashed interview of Anitha claiming herself as a Christian and carrying Bible in her handbag. This TV interview clip went viral in the social media forcing the State government to drop her from the TTD trust board. Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu had asked Anitha to give her resignation letter to the government volunteering to be out of the TTD trust board. Though it had gone firm on Sudhakar Yadav to continue him in the TTD trust board, he made Anitha to be out of the temple trust board.

Now, in a similar development, the TDP government had issued another GO dropping Kodela Surya Latha from the Kanakadurga Temple trust board. It is alleged that the trust board member Surya Latha had taken away a silk saree worth Rs 18,000 which was donated by devotees. The donors noticed this and lodged a complaint following which a thorough enquiry was held. The enquiry found the trust board member guilty of the crime and reported the same to the government.

Though the trust board member disowned to have taken the saree from the temple, the probe nailed her act of stealing in the temple.

Both Kanadurga Temple in Vijayawada and the TTD in Tirupati are witnessing allegations of corruption, violation of religious rituals and practices and mismanagement during the last four years. The TTD is in the thick of controversies getting unfolded one after the other. The Kanakadurga temple too is facing similar acts of crime and irregularities.

Though the government had not dropped the TTD chairman, the dropping of the Kanakadurga temple trust board member had come as some relief to the ruling TDP government and its leadership.



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