What is Vishnu Kumar’s future?

What is the political future of BJP’s senior leader Vishnu Kumar Raju, who started his career as a student leader to become a key figure in the party? How does he plan to move forward? What is he currently doing? What will be his strategy in coming days? These are the questions which are being currently discussed. Vishnu Kumar Raju was elected from Visakhapatnam North in 2014. This seat was allotted to him under TDP-BJP seat sharing agreement. He won the seat by defeating his nearest rival Venkat Rao of YSRCP by over 18,000 votes.

Since then and till early this year Vishnu Kumar Raju as BJP MLA kept praising ruling TDP. Though he directly had no involvement in the state government, he behaved as if he has some direct role. He created a furor over NALA Tax reduction bill by targetting the governor for keeping the bill pending with him. He alleged that because of governor’s inaction, the government is unable to take up development works. He surprised everyone in the assembly by describing Chandrababu as a great leader.

He described Polavaram project as prestigious and lavished praise on Chandrababu for taking up the work. On special status issue, he never opened his mouth to react to the criticism by TDP leaders. That’s why many used to wonder if Vishnu is BJP leader or a TDP leader. But now the situation has changed. After TDP severed ties with BJP and NDA, he changed his stand. He started predicting that Jagan will become the next chief minister. All started wondering if Vishnu is playing political pranks.

He also made a sensational statement that when Jagan comes to Visakhapatnam as part of his padyatra he would meet him. Vishnu said he would call on Jagan not as BJP leader but in his personal capacity. This triggered a debate if Vishnu is joining YSRCP. Now, BJP is in doldrums in Andhra Pradesh. Chandrababu, who was a friend of BJP till yesterday, is now targeting the same party. In this situation, Vishnu is in a big dilemma. With just one year to go for elections and the party being in bad shape, he is unable to decide what to do.

All are saying that BJP has no future in AP. Vishnu also knows this. Will he join YSRCP? This also doesn’t appear easy. In this context, Vishnu is caught in dilemma. There are indications that he has decided to leave the party which has no political future. In Visakha North, which is currently being represented by Vishnu, TDP’s MLA from Yelamanchili P. Ramesh Babu plans to contest the next elections. Similarly, the names of former Congress leader Sabbam Hari, who is yet to join TDP and some other TDP leaders are also being heard. Observers say if Ramesh and Sabbam Hari enter the fray, Vishnu will have tough time. Let us wait what happens.

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