Who is the Director & Producer for Sivaji’s Conspiracy film?

Hero Sivaji had come up with a new theory. He had dramatized it and that drama is required for any film to be successful. As expected the theme of the film had gone well into the people who have started discussing about it. He had chosen a news channel to reveal the new theory. The channel favours a political party in the State which is known to everyone.

Sivaji had given some scary screenplay in his story that the State would witness violence. Surprisingly, the violence happens for two reasons, according to him.

The first is a possible attack on the life of a leader. When he is attacked, his supporters would go berserk destroying the properties of the State and the people. There would be a loss of life and properties in the State.

The second reason for the State to see violence is when Pawan Kalyan launches hunger strike for the special category status. His followers would go wild indulging in violence leading to law and order problem and loss of lives and properties in the State.

In the two incidents, besides the supporters of the two leaders and their parties, the national party would be deploying anti-social elements from Bihar, who would join the mob to intensify the violence and make it big.

But, he was very silent on similar thing happening when the ruling party is split . One wonders why the ruling party supporters would remain like peace-lovers when their leader is unseated and their party is split? Why would the Bihari anti-social elements too remain silent not taking advantage of the situation and create violence in the State?

Sivaji means that despite being split and dethroned, the ruling party cadre would remain peaceful, but the cadre and supporters of the opposition parties would indulge in violence. This statement itself would tell people who is behind the actor’s Conspiracy Story.

People are not so dumb, deaf and blind Mr. Sivaji. You are yet another actor to be used by the party for whose benefit you have come up with this big conspiracy theory.

Ravi Batchali
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