Will Pawan contest elections on his own ?

There are intense speculations that Jana Sena will contest 2019 elections on its own. In this context a debate is going on about the villages where Pawan Kalyan has more influence. With his charisma, Pawan has been carrying on the party for four years but his strategy in coming days is something which will be seen keenly.

Pawan has announced that he will declare the party manifesto in August.  Observers are also analysing the strategy he is going to adopt. Jana Sena leaders say their party is focussing on seven out of the 13 districts of the state. It is learnt that the party will first try to strengthen itself in these districts.

Observers say Pawan will be a decisive factor in coming elections. It is believed that Pawan , who supported TDP and BJP in the last elections will this time join hands with the Left parties. As part of the movement for special status, he has been holding talks with the Left parties and is preparing an action plan for the movement. Will he contest all 175 seats in AP or will confine to few seats is something on which some clarity is expected by Jana Sena leaders by August. Meanwhile, he is focussing on strengthening the party. Leaders from other parties are vying with each other to join Jana Sena. They are waiting for his green flag to carry Jana Sena’s flag.

Pawan is said to be planning to target seven districts  where TDP is strong. It appears that he has decided to  especially focus on five districts from Visakhapatnam to Guntur. He is reportedly planning to woo Kapu voters in Visakhapatnam, East Godavari, West Godavar, Krishna and Guntur districts. His plans to build his house and office in Mangalagiri constituency are also because he wants to prove his impact in the district where the state capital is being built. Besides this Jana Sena is also trying to establish itself in Godavari districts

It is also believed that Pawan wants to strengthen the party in CM’s own district Chittoor and later in Anantapur district, where TDP is considered strong.

Pawan is also said to have started the process to field strong candidates in his own West Godavari district and also in East Godavari district. In these two districtsthe actor politician is reportedly trying to woo to his party, leaders belonging to his caste.

TDP is considered to be strong in Anantapur and Pawan plans to contest from Anantapur urban where his caste Balja has strong vote bank. By doing so he wants to influence the other constituencies. Pawan believes that youth and women will support him.

Thus Pawan is said to be selecting few regions and especially focussing on them. But how far Pawan’s strategies will strengthen the party is something we have to wait and see.

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